We have designed a drug combination to treat COVID-19. We have identified a triple-combination drug cocktail of existing drugs that has shown synergistic efficacy at low nM concentrations against SARS-CoV-2.


We used our proprietary HD-DOE platform™ to identify this combination therapy against COVID-19. Our HD-DOE platform can be used to effectively and quickly identify potent anti-viral combinations against COVID-19. COVID-19 represents a complex combinatorial problem that our HD-DOE approach is uniquely well-positioned to address. We can quickly identify combinatorial opportunities that may inhibit the COVID-19 life cycle. Eliminating the ability of a virus to function in a host cell is a complex combinatorial problem.


We are able to make this rapid progress in developing a combination therapy, because our HD-DOE platform greatly compresses the test space for high-dimensional experiments.


For example, testing multiple compounds against each other would normally require a huge number (2 to the power n) of individual experimental runs. By contrast, our HD-DOE platform is able to perform the same tests at the same statistical sensitivity in fewer runs. HD-DOE is not a high-throughput screen; instead of searching for significant single compounds, it explores the entire interaction space among compounds and reveals significant combinations.