Meet Trailhead

We are a biotechnology company headquartered in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. We develop industrial grade human cells from stem cells at a much faster rate, at dramatically lower cost, and with less R&D risk than is currently the norm in the industry.


Our proprietary HD-DoE™ platform merges developmental biology with cutting-edge robotics, mathematics, and computerized experimental design and analysis to perform process-specific parameter optimization to rapidly develop recipes for the development of any type of human cells for use in the drug discovery process or for therapeutic purposes. These recipes minimize the use of proteins in favor of far more stable and dramatically less expensive small molecules. Reactor-produced human cells have multiple uses, including drug discovery, 3D-organ printing, human disease modeling, and cell-based therapy.


Our current cell programs are focused on developing different types of human cells at large volume for research use in order to accelerate the drug discovery process of pharma and biotech customers and to develop human cells for therapeutic purposes.


Our research use cell program focuses on making neuronal cells for drug discovery programs involving Parkinson’s disease, autism, multiple sclerosis, thrombocytopenia, and obesity, and functional human pancreatic islet cells (beta cells) for drug discovery programs targeting diabetes. We are currently developing midbrain dopaminergic (mDA) neurons, forebrain parvalbumin-expressing interneurons, and oligodendrocytes of the human central nervous system (CNS). In addition, we are developing functionally mature pancreatic beta cells. These cells are critical for accelerating the drug discovery process at pharma and biotech companies working on CNS and diabetes (Type I or II) related therapeutics. We are also developing NPY-expressing neurons and GLP1-expressing neurons for accelerating the drug discovery of obesity treatments.


Our cell therapy development programs cover the following indications: Diabetes, blood diseases and disorders, bone marrow failure, Huntington’s Disease, and other indications.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jan Jensen

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer, Founder

Div Trivedi

Chief Operating Officer

Sven Riethmueller

Senior Advisor

Scientific Leadership

Angelica M. Gomes Ueltschy

Leader, Mesoderm Cell Therapy Projects

Nooshin Amini

Leader, Ectoderm Cell Therapy Projects

Michael Bukys

Leader, Endoderm Cell Therapy Projects

Babu Roshan Padmanabhan

Leader, Bioinformatics

Our Scientific Advisory Board

José Oberholzer
Junhyong Kim
Niels Lynge Agerbæk

Our Board Of Directors

Magnus Persson

Chairman of the Board

Houman David Hemmati

Member of the Board

Jan Jensen

Member of the Board

Mike Kaufman

Member of the Board

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